About Todd’s Extreme Paint

Todd’s Extreme Paint was founded in 1997 by owner Todd Zeller. The company started out like a lot of small businesses, doing just about any job it could to stay busy. Over the years, though, the company began to streamline its operations and target drag racing paint work specifically. Growing up in a racing family and being a racer himself, Todd really believed that if he could combine his career with his hobby, work would truly be enjoyable! Todd’s Extreme Paint has grown tremendously since then. Todd’s employees also share the same passion for the work and sports as Todd does. T.E.P. continues to grow each and every day by sticking to its core values. Those values include giving its customers a quality, beautiful and affordable paint job that is on time everytime. T.E.P. deals with each and every customer with a personal, one-on-one approach and handles all customer projects with as much respect as they would their own. Their professionalism is unparalleled within the custom paint industry. They understand that while everyone wants a good looking paint job, a racecar is built to race and is not any good sitting in a shop.

Many of T.E.P.’s customers are businesses and full time racers themselves so deadlines and budgets are crucial. But lets face it, no one wants to wait forever for a custom paint job. T.E.P. strives to work within every individual’s budget-big or small, in a timely manner. T.E.P. believes honesty is the best approach and is very proud of the relationships it has forged with its customers, many of which have came back again and again. Customers have told others about their good experience with T.E.P., and the company truly appreciates the racers. T.E.P. participates in as many races, giveaways, points programs, and events as possible. They also donate time and product to several charity programs within the sport.

“We love this sport and feel we should support those who support us,” says Todd.

With this kind of passion and values, Todd’s Extreme Paint promises to continue to become the go-to name in racing for quality, affordable custom paint for years to come.

Todd’s Extreme Paint
For Racers, by Racers

The Zeller family truly is a racing family; pictured is the Todds Extreme Paint house car driven by Ron Zeller.